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Google AdWords Advertising & Pay-per-click or PPC, as it is generally referred to, is regarded as one of the best online advertising channels that should be a part of any marketing strategy. The ultimate aim of PPC is to encourage targeted traffic to your website and/or consumer calls.

When users perform Internet searches, the results are assessed and ranked; accordingly, they appear higher up or lower down on the page—this is known as ‘organic SEO’ and is based on the kind of content the website has, internal links, keywords, headers and other criteria. The higher the website is ranked, the greater the traffic but it takes quite a while for a website to make it to the top.

In contrast, Pay-per-click is a fast and simple way to extend the outreach of your website and has been known to offer instant results and huge rewards. It’s also highly measurable and that means you can constantly tweak your strategy to improve your results.

So how does PPC advertising work? By advertising online, companies can connect with customers who are searching for a product or a service. When an ad is clicked on, the visitor is directed to that website; the advertiser pays search engines a small fee for each prospect. If the click results in a conversion then the company makes a profit. In a sense then the advertiser is buying visits to the site rather than earning visits organically.

Search engines like Google, place a great onus on quality ads that are popular with users and always rewards good performance. Those advertisers that can create relevant targeted ads are charged less for ad clicks. High-quality ads thus increase click-through rates for advertisers and lower the cost per click.

PPC marketing is thus good for searchers as they tend to click on paid search ads more frequently than on other forms of advertising.  Google ensures that PPC ads meet users’ needs, making this good for advertisers too offering a unique way of actively engaging an audience that is searching for their products. Search engines too benefit by catering to users and advertisers at the same time—they give users what they want while advertisers pay these engines for instant results in the form of increased traffic to their websites.

Google Ads is a popular search engine marketing or SEM marketing platform used by online marketers. It helps marketers and advertisers to manage and measure their campaigns effectively and efficiently.

PPC marketing isn’t something that can magically transform a company overnight, it is however an essential part of any online marketing strategy that’s directed at increased conversions. Potential customers are looking for your product or service already and are 80% likely to make a purchase while searching online.  A Pay-per-click campaign can attract those customers to your website at the opportune moment, creating profitable conversions.

Professional Online Marketing LLC can effectively manage your paid Google marketing plan.  We manage paid media on both Google and Social Media platforms. When your online advertising budget is managed by us we can create a cost-effective campaign that can complement your inbound marketing efforts. We establish a clear objective together in order to generate as much exposure and traffic as we can for your investment.

We can launch ads quickly and bring you targeted traffic,  along with qualified leads to your website. Not only do we track your results, but we will utilize our expertise to maximize your potential Pay Per Click or Google Ads campaign ROI. (Return on Investment)

It’s important to use different strategies and tools with Google Ads. At Professional Online Marketing LLC we use long tail keywords to direct traffic to specific products or services. We can also direct ad traffic to specific geographic locations in order to segment your efforts and track them. We will also make sure that the quality of your ads landing page helps Google position you higher within the PPC so that you don’t pay too much per bid. For the best Pay Per Click packages, Professional Online Marketing LLC has the keys to success and is a trusted advocate.

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